When people talk about curb appeal, they are talking about the attractiveness of the home from the street. It is an established fact that the more attractive the exterior of the home is, including the façade of the home as well as its landscaping, the higher the chance the home will sell. Additionally, the more curb appeal a home has, the higher the asking price for the home can be. The following are four reasons why it is not an over exaggeration to say that curb appeal is one of the most important qualities a home can have.

Curb Appeal Reflects You

When a potential buyer walks up to a home, they are looking for any signs that will indicate how well the home has been taken care of. They are also looking for signs that will shed light on the type of person who is currently occupying the home. If the exterior of the home is well-maintained, the lawn is well manicured, and the façade of the home gives proof that the homeowner has pride in the aesthetics of their property, it is likely that a potential buyer will walk away with a good impression of the home and the home seller.

Curb Appeal Makes Your Home Easier to Sell

A good percentage of home buyers will first look at a potential property online. In addition to looking at the price, these potential buyers are making decisions about the home based on the photograph that they see on the Internet. They will make these judgments within a few seconds of looking at a photograph of the home’s exterior. A home may have a pristine interior, yet buyers will move on to the next property because the curb appeal of the home was less than appealing. For this reason, homeowners should work hard to improve their home’s curb appeal. One way of doing this is by asking for maintenance tips from real estate agents or better yet from professional landscapers. These professionals will be able to evaluate a property and help a homeowner come up with a plan to improve its curb appeal.

Curb Appeal Improves the Asking Price for Your Home

Buyers who are looking for a nice property to move into will make decisions about a home and about a neighborhood based on first impressions. If they walk up to a home and it is unattractive, they may decide to go to a different neighborhood and look for a comparably priced home with a nicer landscape. Or they may use the exterior of the home as a basis for negotiating down the asking price for the home. On the other side of the coin, buyers that are looking for properties that are “fixer uppers” will do so based on the distressed appearance of the exterior of a home. So if a home does not have curb appeal, if it is an eyesore, or if it is in a state of exterior disrepair, it will repel customers who might have been willing to pay a higher price and customers that are looking to pay bottom dollar for property.

Curb Appeal Entices Buyers to Enter

A buyer might see a home that has a decent price online and choose to come and give the property a once over. They may be enticed by the price to visit the property, but it is the curb appeal that is going to encourage them to come indoors. A home that does not have curb appeal will turn into a property that receives a lot of appointments but has a lot of no-shows.

Curb appeal is not something that happens automatically. Making a home instantly attractive to potential buyers is something that requires thought, planning, and at times help from real estate and landscaping professionals.