Conventional real estate wisdom suggests that if you want to sell your home, you’ll need to make it as bland as possible so the potential buyer can see himself living in the home. Experts suggest taking down personal pictures and avoiding overdone personalization. While this rule might apply generally, there are some ways a little personalization can help you sell that home. Take, for instance, the creation of a “man cave.” These personalized rooms have become all the rage, as some dads and bachelors alike have looked for a space where they can smoke cigars, drink whiskey, and take in a game or some re-runs of The West Wing. Here’s how to create a man cave that will help your home sell.


You might be the biggest New York Yankees fan on earth, but most people won’t share your affinity for the greatest team in baseball. You don’t want to creative negative thoughts when potential buyers visit your home. In a normal scenario, you might be there to talk shop with the buyer, exchanging stories about your favorite team. In real life, the buyer will be there with an agent, and they could be turned off by both your choice of team and the bold nature of the room.


While the term “man cave” might be popular, these rooms shouldn’t totally exclude women. They should be comfortable and inviting. Opt against cheesy signs that say “No Women Allowed” or some other derivative. You may offend a potential buyer by taking those risks. Any agent will tell you that a man’s not going to buy a home unless his significant other likes it. While you’re appealing to the sensibilities of the male shoppers, you must account for the proclivities of their female companions.



Some homes have real man caves, complete with comfortable chairs, large televisions, and a place for the man to smoke his cigars if he’s into that sort of thing. Other homes have spaces crowded with many different themes and purposes. If your “man cave” is really just half of a room where you’ve stuck the recliner, you won’t see much of a boost in the selling process. Make sure that when a buyer walks in, they know what they’re looking at. A half-done man cave won’t stand out and help finish the sale.


Even if you might like to get cozy and dark during those long winter nights as you watch your favorite hockey team, the rules of home selling still apply to your special room. Find a way to introduce light into the room so the features are highlighted. A dark room might just feel like a throwaway space to a home buyer. It’s a plus if your room features significant natural light. Men and women alike like to feel as if they’re free to open a window and experience a little nature while they’re kicking back.

A man cave can play a critical role in helping you sell your home. Good real estate agents speak often to their clients about the need to leave the buyer with a “wow” moment as the buyer leaves the property. When done right, the man cave can do just that, leaving men dreaming of watching their favorite team and giving female buyers the sense that they’re included in the fun.