Rent To Own In The Sarasota Area

At 1st Premier, we want to make sure that you understand every option available to you. Renting to own allows the buyer the freedom to walk away from a property if they don’t truly love it. Consider it a test drive of sorts on your new home.

Let’s face it, the internet is loaded with rent to own scams that are more than happy to take your money and not give you the dream home you desire. Our brokers have been practicing real estate in Sarasota for nearly two-decades. Why is that important to you? Starting down the pathway to homeownership is a big investment of time and money. Would you want to trust that to anyone other than the world’s most trusted experts? Of course not!

The next few pages will talk about the program, how it works, and what the qualifications are. While this program isn’t for everyone, it is for anyone who is trying to get their financial lives on the right path and were just dealt some bad blows. We know bad things happen to great people and we are here to help. So take the first step and click on a link on this page to learn more.

A Nation Recovered, Right?

Have you read the news? The economy has recovered! Well, not so fast. Many Americans are still struggling with an inability to obtain a home loan thanks to the after effects of the great recession. Whether it was a job loss, foreclosure, bankruptcy, or other significant life event, many great people had bad things happen to them. The rent to own program offered through our office was initially designed to help people just like this get back on the path to home ownership.

Is This Rent to Own Program for You?

Are You Just Not Ready to Buy?

Are you not sure where you want to put down roots and want to test drive a neighborhood before you buy? Then this rent to own program can be a great help to you! Lease it, then if you love it, buy it! Don’t love it, don’t buy it!

Have You Been Denied a Mortgage?

Maybe you’ve had a short sale, foreclosure, or bankruptcy. Maybe you previously suffered a job loss, divorce or other life event that sent your financial world into a tailspin. No matter what the issue, we understand bad things happen to good people and often times when someone is denied a mortgage, they can still get approved in this program. Click the button below to find out how our program works.