Ryan A Howell

Born and raised in Sarasota, I am an Eagle Scout and a second generation graduate of Riverview High School. After obtaining a degree in Economics from the University of Florida, I decided to follow my passions and got my Real Estate license in 2012 and Broker’s license in 2014. Since joining the TEAM, my team has substantiated $200 million in closed business and I have had the opportunity to help many people find and sell their dream homes.

I am an proud musician, playing the Euphonium as a member of the Tampa Bay Symphonic Winds. I am also a member of Beta Xi, the UF chapter of Tau Beta Sigma which is a service organization dedicated to improving and assisting collegiate bands. When I am not working or playing Euphonium, I like to unwind through Martial Arts, and have obtained Black Belts in Shuriryu Karate as well as Go Dai Henka Jiu Jitsu. I also have training in Kutao, Arnis and Muai Thai. To me, hard work matters and so does giving back. Helping people to pursue their dreams is what motivates me.

As a competing Broker of three Real Estate Companies, I oversee transaction management and business development, and credit the skills I learned as a Scout with helping to grow the company. I REALLY love real estate, and working with so many fantastic people. Spending time in the woods teaches you the importance of problem solving. Finding alternative approaches and thinking outside of the box allows me to assist my clients in realizing their dreams.

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