Look for the single stoplight that hangs over the traffic hurtling toward New Pass Bridge. Blink, and you’re on Longboat Key. But take the turn, and some of the best Pokehunting in Sarasota unfolds before you.

City Island is a scenic haven where science, history, dining, entertainment, sports and even charity work their magic against the backdrop of Sarasota Bay…and it is home to some of the best Pokemon in town. If you have not yet been hunting to this hidden gem, now is the time.  From New Pass Grill to the tip of Ken Thompson Park, the area is overrun with rare Pokemon.

Most people don’t venture too far past the vast labyrinth of Pokestops and gyms around St. Armands Circle, because they don’t know what they are missing. Rather than sitting and admiring traffic, grab a bite along the shore at New Pass Grill while sitting between 2 (usually lured up) Pokestops. If you feel like drinking, pull up a stool next to the Pokestop at the Old Salty Dog. Otherwise make sure to check out the Mote marine parking lot and the mangroves down at the park,  you never know what will be lurking.

How Good is it really?

I am glad you asked, because it really is AWESOME. We created an account and played it for a week ONLY on City Island. It was played by 3 people, between 4-8 hours (random times based around work schedules…and the amount of time we could stand to be away from our personal accounts) a day. Below you will see the Pokedex of all wild caught Pokemon. Nothing was powered up or evolved, but eggs were hatched. I know we didn’t catch everything out there, but still a pretty nice haul in my opinion.

So check out the images below in case there is something on there that you have been looking for!